We specialize in three types of court construction:

Post-Tension Tennis Court Construction The strongest, longest lasting and most durable court on the market. These courts requires minimal

maintenance. The post-tension cable system allows construction without the unsightly expansion joints found in conventional slabs. By using

a 60' vibrating screed, we create better tolerance and eliminate high and low spots. This is our specialty. 


Asphalt Tennis Court Construction Generally a softer court but less durable than post-tension due to the nature of asphalt. These courts are

more prone to surface variations, due to ground movement and natural elements, requiring a higher level of maintenance and repair.


Clay-Fastdry Tennis Court Construction A fine surface creating a slower bounce. This court, used primarily in the east and south, consists

of a one inch clay surface over a rock sub-base. It includes an irrigation system to keep the court properly hydrated and should be considered a

high maintenance court.






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