Windscreens are fabricated from a vinyl-coated polyester material that resists shrinkage and deterioration caused by UV rays. Available in open mesh weave and in heights of six and nine feet, screens come in a variety of colors, including standard Forest Green, Olive Green, Midnight Black, Sierra Brown, and Desert Sand. In addition, screens can be customized to display your logo, mascot, or name.

 Court Lighting We use an innovative lighting system designed specifically to project light only onto the court area. Unlike "flood" style fixtures, this system eliminates glaring side light and annoying spill light. It's designed with rounded corners for a clean, soft profile that complements any court. The low mounting height of 20 feet creates less shadow.


 Court Nets Our nets feature extra-strong 3.5 mm braided, polyethylene netting reinforced using four rows of heavy #32 white polyester thread to withstand a 325 lb. break strength. A four-year, pro-rata warranty protects against wear, and the unique, two-ply, polyester duck headband provides the look and play of canvas without the shrinkage, fading, and mildew problems. Fiberglass dowels are included.






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