We restore existing courts to like-new condition using a multi-step process.


 The surface is cleaned with a high-pressure washer to remove all dirt and debris.



 All major low areas are caulked and patched using Novafil, a 100% acrylic, sand-filled texture that conceals voids. All flaking is then scraped to ensure a good bond between new and old material.



 Nova Surface, a pure acrylic resurfacing material is used to hide further pavement defects. Then Novabond, a primer that promotes the adhesion of acrylic coating to concrete, is applied.



 Backa Rod is then installed in all large cracks. Cracks will then be filled per manufacturers' recommendations.



 Lines are then accurately located and striped with Novatex, the whitest textured line paint available. We provide a one-year guarantee on new surfaces.


We also incorporate fence repair and net post replacement when needed.



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