We offer various texture options to give your court more texture with less abrasiveness for fewer injuries and reduced wear and tear on players' equipment.

All our surfaces are achieved using non-angular aggregates. This means more texture and less abrasiveness, which helps prolong tennis ball and athletic shoe life, and reduce injuries such as shin splints, ankle twists and sprains.

Novafil is a 100% acrylic, sand-filled texture that conceals voids and adds desired texture to the court surface.

Novacoat is a 100% acrylic, heavily pigmented topcoat. As the final coat, it produces a sturdy yet flexible surface that reduces glare and provides good footing for players. It's available in a full range of colors, as well as custom colors upon request, that will not fade or rub off on tennis balls.

#1 Grass Green

#2 Red

#3 Terra Cotta

#4 Blue

#7 Brown

#9 Nova Green

#10 Burgundy

#11 Classic Green

#12 Sand Dune



Our combination surface options help to ensure a more consistent surface. All surfaces are pre-mixed at the factory to ensure conformity and quality.

These products are recommended in situations where multiple coats of the same product will simplify the application and ensure a more consistent surface.

Novabond is used as a primer and additive that promotes the adhesion of acrylic coating to concrete. It's also the base liquid for our high-performance patching mix.

Novatex is the whitest, most opaque, textured line paint available anywhere. 100% acrylic, its texture makes the line play the same as the rest of the court surface to eliminate tennis ball skidding.





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